Coms Messenger

Communications over Coms Messenger are totally private and secure, end-to-end encrypted, peer-to-peer data tranfers over webRTC data-channels.
Send text-messages, photos and files, and enjoy one-to-one or group video calls in 100% confidence.
Coms Messenger's Call Studio is a specialized interface which integrates video calling and text messaging in one window, adequately functional on mobile and spectacularly so on desktop.
Call Studio's functions menu provides control over microphones and webcams, contacts connected in calls, screen-sharing and video-recording and playback. P2P messaging can be conducted with or without voice and video.
Messages can be sent outside of Call Studio's P2P connectivity, in which case they are encrypted on the webserver while waiting to be collected. All messages are finally stored on the device, not the webserver.

Coms Messenger is an integrated division of, a maximally secure domain dedicated to secure communications and the privacy of users' data. features no advertising and thus avoids privacy-violating, user-data-mining, 3rd-party cookies and foreign code which represent significant security risks.
The no-ads policy also keeps the site clean and free of noisy distractions :) also integrates ComsChatter, an ads-free social network for professionals, friends and family, where you can be as private or as public as you like. Posts are moderated as little as possible, but anti-social behaviour is not tolerated.
Coms is a Progressive Web App which runs in desktop, Android and Apple web browsers and can be installed ("add-to-home") to run like a native app in a stand-alone window, offering advanced functions such as offline notifications for incoming calls and messages.
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