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Fenix HP25R V2.0 Headlamp

Fenix HP25R V2.0 Headlamp - 1600 Lumens


The Fenix HP25R V2.0 is a rechargeable work headlamp that provides an ultra-long runtime of 400 hours on low mode or a 2-hour runtime on the turbo 1600 Lumen output. Powered by its included 5000mAh...

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HM50R V2.0 Headlamp

Fenix HM50R V2.0 Headlamp - 700 Lumens


Upgraded and improved, the Fenix HM50R V2.0 has arrived at Fenix Store! This ultra-lightweight headlamp is perfect for hiking, running, or biking. With a Cree XP-G3 S4 LED, the HM50R V2.0 can produce...

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Fenix exploded onto the flashlight scene over 8 years ago to become the preferred source of affordable high-end lighting for flashlight lovers everywhere. Our goal: to provide the best lights for the best value, without compromising quality. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

From the start, we focused on introducing some of the top flashlight lines in the world at affordable prices. Now our customers depend on us for the latest in cutting-edge flashlight technology - and equally for the dependable, personal caliber of service that comes with our flashlights. These are the foundations of our success – the best technology, the best customer service.

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